Rat Rod VW MKI

I’ve had a lot of rat rod VWs on here, maybe the term hood ride fits them better, but there’s no denying this is truly a rat rod VW.

rat rod vw 06

rat rod vw 02

rat rod vw 03

rat rod vw 04

rat rod vw 00

7 Responses to “Rat Rod VW MKI”

  1. Rad as FUUUUUUUU

  2. damnit…. i’m diggin it.

  3. […] to go find more pics of that thing Rat Rod VW MKI Ekhatch’s Weblog __________________ :: fighter v1.0 :: lowagz v2.0 […]

  4. Flash pan Says:

    I guess in the States, this would be called a Rabbit Rod then?

  5. That rat rod is just awesome, any word on the owner of this Rabbit (or is that Rat-it?)? This would really make a great feature for my site.

  6. Some things just don’t suprise me anymore.. But non the less we would inspect this too!

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