Not Old School Yet

You’ve probably figured out I’m a little goofy in the head by now, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like these old 2.5s more than WRXs. I really like them, and I love this one, nice and beefy. The STI hood scoop and FMIC are a little contradictory but I can overlook that when I see those flares. What do you think of 2.5s, will they be forever over shadowed by WRXs or are they a sleeper future classic?


5 Responses to “Not Old School Yet”

  1. Yes I think that the 2.5RS will be a sleeper Impreza, but many ques will be taken from the 22B. In fact, much like many of the USDM Civics are being modified to a “Type-R” standard, the 2.5RS will become the USDM 22B.

  2. realspeed Says:

    like the car, dont like the mirriors

  3. Love this one …where have I seen it?…haha

  4. I am with you as the OLD 2.5 RS were the best looking SUBIES ever and I hope to see them come back as classics!!! They’re a rare sight nowadays! – Not diggin’ the flares, scoop or mirrors on this one though!

  5. DCM-Legacy Says:

    i completely agree, but i believe that the 2.5 rs is going to be a subaru guys dream car of the future. where they are sought after and glorified for what they were by true subaru enthusiasts

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